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Custom Coding & Development Advice
for TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, and MultiCharts:
  • Indicators - Have an idea of how to predict or measure market movement? Need a indicator modified to your specs? With custom indicators you can draw your own ideas and methods on your charts instead of using the same tools every other trader has. You can automatically draw lines, histograms, arrows, boxes, dots, etc.
  • Strategies / Trading Signals / Expert Advisors (EAs) - Stop losing trades to emotional decisions. By automating your trading ideas, you can ensure that you trade by your rules every time. Perhaps more importantly, with a programmed strategy you can quickly and automatically backtest and optimize your trading strategy over thousands of trades without error or bias. Armed with backtesting knowledge, you know how your system would have performed in the past including win percentage, win to loss ratio, consecutive losses, etc. and you can use that knowledge to plan and optimize your future.
  • Radar Screens / Market Scanners - Scanners can help you to locate the best symbols to trade so you can maximumize your profit, minimize your risks, and utilize your time and capital wisely.
  • Custom DLLs - Need more functionality than your platform's native capabilities? With a custom DLL you can go beyond those limitations. Custom Dlls can run faster, call external programs, creater interactive windows, alert you to opportunities and important trade events by email or text message, export data, draw custom charts, securely validate a license by contacting your servers, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

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