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Stat Tracker

Take paper trading to a whole new level!

With Stat Tracker you can try out your trading ideas without all the tedious and time-consuming calculations and record keeping. You simply mark your signals directly on the chart and let your testing platform take it from there. With Stat Tracker you can:
  • Get detailed performance analyses, graphs, & advanced statistics of your manually marked trading signals. Figures include drawdown, run-up, profit factor, win to loss ratio, win percentage, periodic analysis, and far more!
  • Backtest & Automatically Optimize stop loss, take profit, or any other strategy you want to combine with your manually marked trading signals.
  • Combine manual and automated trading strategies.
  • Save money by finding out how well your strategy works before paying someone to code it for you.
  • Keep a digital record of all your signals and their performance by saving them as part of your workspace
  • Supports market orders, limit orders, and stop orders allowing almost any type of trading to be tested
  • Supports up to four orders per bar
  • Also includes settings to optimize for time of day
  • Available for TradeStation and MultiCharts:
  • TradeStation version works on all charts with a bar interval of 1 minute or more.
  • MultiCharts version works on all charts with a bar interval of 1 second or more.
  • Both versions included for one low price.
Put your trading ideas to the test!

Disclaimer: As with any trading strategy, past performance may not be indicative of future results,
but wouldn't it be nice to know with great detail, how well your strategy could have done?

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